The aim of the group -

The aim of the group is to allow a supportive ground where carers who are facing a difficult time in their lives can find the space to share their different emotions with others in the group.  Members will bring different perspectives and concerns. They will have the opportunity to help to get to know themselves, will work towards achieving an understanding and perhaps move towards closure with any of their unresolved issues. Common issues which may be explored include feelings around caring for a loved one, esteem, fear, love, anger, illness, death and mourning amongst others.

Group description -

There will be up to around ten members in the group. It is aimed for those who are trying to cope with cancer in a caring role and can commit to come regularly on alternate Tuesdays. Members will meet fortnightly from Tuesday the 28th of March from 6 till 7.30pm and will break for summer.


Referrals -

Those who are interested in taking part should first register their details with Coping With Cancer. Please apply by the 20th of March. There will be an initial one to one meeting with the group facilitator to check this group is right for you.


Agencies and organisations can email their referrals directly to Coping with Cancer. They should include the name of agency or organisation who is referring and name of who is referring. The name of the carer and their relation to the person coping with cancer; contact details including email address, mobile and telephone numbers. 

Therapeutic group process -

The therapeutic process in the group will challenge the members' own understanding of their cultural communication how this is helping or hindering them at this point in their lives. The group will bring in issues they are faced with and discuss their thoughts, experiences and emotions with other members. The facilitator will add information from her knowledge and experience. She will work at individual, interpersonal and group level as the field of the group develops and changes. 


The facilitator will open the first session and will introduce herself. She will give her background and some group norms which will serve as a guide to the group. The members will then each introduce themselves and say something about their background and what they need from the session. The group will also look into concerns around the group norms the members will have. During this session the group will concentrate on beginnings. At the end of each session members will check in and reflect on the work they or others have done and any new awareness they would like to share.


After a number of sessions, members will get to know each other better and will gain more confidence to share deeper issues with each other. The group offers a space for members to examine issues which are difficult to deal within their personal relationships. Members are encouraged to contribute by their interventions in a respectful and dignified way. Group members will become aware and identify how they can strengthen their self and other support. For some members it will be a time to think about how they can move forward in their lives.


Nearer to the summer break, as the group works on endings, members may also be dealing with some earlier issues such as death and dying.  Endings will become more pronounced with a sense of mourning and saying good-bye. By this time members will hopefully find that their concerns and struggles have reached some resolution. There is more clarity, strength of feeling, a sense of completeness and new insight, feeling or action. Members may find that they can relate on a more intimate way with their families and important others. By the end of the group members may come to face their life issues with a sense of purpose, meaning and courage. Members will appreciate better their own and others’ experiences and hopefully will become better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them. They will appreciate that life is worth living despite the difficulties they may be going through.

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